CMDS Reference for Razmatazz

For support, or suggestions, for Razmatazz, please visit #UltraEgo on or email me at

Currently Available:

!google (search terms)

This will pull up the first link, the "I'm feeling lucky" link, from a Google search. It will also give you the link to the search itself.

!image (search terms)

Same thing as !google, but will return with image based results.

!weather (location)

You may use your zipcode(i.e. 94571) or your city and state(Pittsburgh, Pa).

!seen (user)

This will allow you to see the last time a user was in the channel and usually what their part message was.

!lastspoke (user)

This will allow you to see the last time that the user was active in the channel.

!note (user) (message)

This will allow you to leave a note for another user of the eggdrop.

You must be identified with Razmatazz for this command. To do this, /msg Razmatazz IDENT <password> <user> . If you need an account, contact either Omnifarious or FxChiP.